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About Concordia Market

Our Why

We champion Gospel Focused Content Creators doing their best work together.  Jesus was sent to bring God's tangible love.  His mission is sending us -- with all our gifts -- to share His love..

Our How

We connect Gospel Focused Content Creators to the greater Church for resource-sharing, encouragement, and mission support.  "Concordia" means "harmony."  When we share our gifts for the sake of God's mission, we are a hymn to His power and love.  Concordia Market is a diverse online community of servant-leaders sharing their best work to support the spread of the Gospel..

Our What

Concordia Market is a gathering of online shops of Gospel Focused Content Creators providing their best resources for mission and ministry.  By gathering the shops in a community system, we amplify the digital presence of each content creator and offer a productive search experience for anyone looking for resources..

Face The Challenges Head-On!

The Concordia Market helps ministries and servant-leaders face these challenges:

  1. CONNECTING -- Connecting Creators of Quality Gospel Focused Content to Users.  Many content creators focused on sharing the Good News of Jesus' love for the world are not able to connect with their target audience. The difficulty in the connection may be the limitations of print-focused publishers or it may be their e-resources are lost in the massive data dump from a traditional search engine request.
  2. INVOLVING -- Expanding Quality Gospel Focused Content For Use By Everyone. The Church needs more quality resources that are available for all people to grow as everyday missionaries sharing the Gospel of Jesus.
  3. AFFORDABILITY -- Finding Affordable Gospel Focused Content. As some ministries shrink and costs increase, many ministries cannot find quality Lutheran resources which they can afford.

Concordia Market


The listings are organized around four categories:

Resources- items which are used by individuals or ministries. Resources include:

  • Bible Studies
  • Devotional materials
  • Program Materials
  • Music
  • Videos

Services- Services are connection opportunities with people who provide services in support of ministries or Services can include:

  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Artists
  • Specialists

Experiences- Experiences are opportunities for you, or a group from your ministry to serve the church at large.  Experiences may include:

  • Service projects
  • Short-term mission opportunities
  • Long-term mission opportunities
  • International mission/service opportunities

Projects- Projects are tasks for which an individual or an organization may need to seek financial support.  The Projects tab will not be in the early release of Concordia Market.  When it is released, it will function in a way like the Go Fund Me model with an emphasis on the proclamation of the Gospel.

Creating an account provides easy access to the user's purchase history and a convenient way to recover lost digital download files.  The content owner can control how long a digital download is available to the user and how many times the product can be downloaded.

A unified shopping cart system allows the user to combine products from a variety of shop owners and purchase them with one transaction.  Our system manages the distribution of funds to each shop owner.

Familiar tools allow the user to browse the Market's content and filter using keywords, shop name, type of media, and price range.

Items with variations, like size, color, gender, or age are listed within the product listing, simplifying the selection process for the user. 

The "Collection Tool" enables a shop owner to list all the items that a shopper may wish to purchase at the same time.  For example, a VBS collection could include lesson material, downloadable music, videos, and t-shirts for a specific VBS curriculum.

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