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    Concordia Square Project Teams

    We value the content provided to Concordia Market by the shop owners and Shared Content contributors.  We seek to add value to their contributions and the mission work of ministries and individuals by developing quality target specific content to be offered on Concordia Market.  The Concordia Square is our "publishing" entity that supports the work of our content teams.  Our projects include curriculum for VBS programs and Day Schools, as well as ministry resources and small group content.

    Each team consists of an editorial group, writers, and graphic/media artists. Team members are rarely paid for their work on a project. This is the only way that we can provide content at no cost to the user. In some cases we are able to gather enough funding to provide a small stipend which is shared equally among the team members.  The writers and media artists retain the rights to their work and may use their individual contributions for other projects.

    Five Reasons Why

    • 1
      It is a great service to God's church.

      When you collaborate as a member of one of our project teams, you are contributing to the health and vitality of ministries and people who use the resources.  The resources by the project teams are responsive to modern mission challenges and provide user-friendly and engaging content in support of ministry and mission.

    • 2
      You contribute to something valuable for the Church at large.

      The content created by the project teams are available to ministries around the world.  By being part of a team effort, your contribution is amplified and the impact can have a global impact.

    • 3
      You get to work with some amazing people.

      The project team is an inter-disciplinarian team.  In other words, writers, editors, media artists work together to develop the resource and map out the content.  We believe this inter-disciplinarian approach to content creation helps to ensure that there is an organic, broad perspective in the final product. As important, our teams are made-up of young and old, city dwellers, and country folks. The organic flow and variety of perspectives will be engaging to a broader spectrum of people.  

    • 4
      You are able to build-out your portfolio.

      The content you produce as part of the project team can serve as an artifact in your professional portfolio.  A portfolio demonstrating recent work on commercial projects can open greater opportunities in your career field.  Media organizations are looking for creators who have experience working in a inter-disciplinarian collaborative team environment.

    • 5
      You are able to use your gifts for the glory of God.

      Perhaps you had a passion for art or writing as a child, but the reality of needing to pay bills took you down a different career path.  Perhaps, you've always wanted to be a writer, a producer, a videographer, or a graphic artist, but lack the opportunity to do something  meaningful.  Whatever, the case, participating in a project team gives you an opportunity to use your gifts and you passions to accomplish amazing things.

    Project Pipeline

    Spring 2022
    Fall 2022
    Fall 2022
    Fall 2023

    Our goal is to produce a three-day VBS program by the summer of 2022.

    Adult Confirmation

    Our goal is to release an adult confirmation program by the fall of 2022.

    Advent Worship

    Our goal is to release an Advent devotional booklet and an accompanying mid-week worship service.

    Children's Curriculum

    Our goal is to release a missionary formation curriculum for children preschool to eighth grade.


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