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    Five Reasons Why

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      It is a great service to God's church.

      When you open a shop on Concordia Market, you give the larger church body access to the resources you've developed.  Your resources will add value to our user's ministry as they are used.

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      Your best customers are visiting Concordia Market

      Concordia Market was developed to connect gospel content-focused ministries with gospel-focused content creators.

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      Concordia's Market is designed to handle digital downloads and physical products.

      Concordia Market provides the tools that enable shop owners to sell digital products like music, videos, on-demand training, and e-books. Our digital download tools allow product previews and the management of access to digital files.

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      We take taxing out of sales tax.

      Did you know that some states charge non-profits sales tax on purchases while others do not?  If you are accustomed to selling locally, the maze of national sales tax can be overwhelming.  We have partnered with a tax management service that handles all the calculations for you.  If you are selling your goods or services, you don't have to worry about adding a tax accountant to your resume´; our tax management company has you covered.

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      Your Shop on Concordia Market is free

      Concordia Market is free.  We do not charge for content creators who set up a shop. We do not charge those people to shop, and we do not take a portion of any sale on Concordia Market.  We want to make it easy for content creators to connect with those who benefit from their content.

    What will be available through Concordia Market?

    Knowledgeable People




    Financial Advisors

    Gift Planners

    Governance Advisors

    Web Developers


    Tech Consultants

    A/V Experts


    Bible Studies

    Sunday School Curriculum

    Devotional Material

    Video Backgrounds

    Audio Tracks


    VBS Material

    Training Tools

    Youth Group Curriculum

    Confirmation Materials

    Teaching Video's

    Fiction Books

    Non-fiction Books


    Web Resource


    Service Opportunities

    Short-term Missions

    Long-term Missions

    National Projects

    International Projects

    Urban Outreach

    Summer Camps

    Training Camps


    How do I open a shop on Concordia Market?

    Check out this video tutorial for opening a shop on Concordia Market.

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      Open an Account

      To open a shop and become a seller on Concordia Market, choose the option below that works best for you.

    If you already have an account on Concordia Market, do the following to open your shop:

    1- Go to Concordia Market.

    2-  Log into your account, and select the "Dashboard" option in the upper right corner of the window.

    3-  Select the dropdown button labeled "Buyer."  Select the "Seller" option.

    4-  Select the "Manage Shop" option from the left sidebar.

    Manage Shop
    If you do not have an account on Concordia Market, do the following to open your shop:

    1- Select the "Open a Shop" option from the Extra's menu at the bottom of the home page.

    2- Follow the prompts on the following screens that guide you through the registration process. You will be prompted to login when the registration process is complete.

    3- Check your email and verify your email address before continuing.

    4- Login and select "Manage Shop" from the left sidebar option once you've verified your email.

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      Set-up your Shop

      Setting up the shop involves creating the shop's identity, communication channels, and listings for your products.  The tabs below provide a quick overview.  Don't be overwhelmed with the number of windows, most shops will only need to complete the first two tabs and the media tab. The fourth tab, Pick-up Address, and the sixth tab, collections, are not needed at this time.  They will be covered in a separate tutorial.  A video tutorial demonstrating the use of the system is available in our partner support area.

    1 Log In

    After you have logged into your account on Concordia Market use the Dashboard option in the dropdown menu to go the seller's dashboard.

    2 Manage

    Select the "Manage Shop" option in your seller dashboard.

    3- General

    The general tab is used to provide the system with the name of your shop and contact information used by the system and your customers.

    4- Language

    The language tab allows you to modify your shop's labels based on the users language selection.   The window below is set for English.  To provide Spanish speaking users a Spanish translation of the shop's descriptions and policies, select Spanish from the dropdown menu, and enter the Spanish texts in the appropriate boxes.

    5- Address

    The return address tab is used by the shipper to calculate shipping and produce return labels. You will note that there are two tabs.  The General tab provides the basic information and the language tab provides language specific labels.

    7- Media

    The Media tab allows the shop owner to customize the shop with branding and icons.  The banner tool enables the shop to configure three unique shop banners based on the device used to view Concordia Market.  The following are recommended banner dimensions:
    Desktop: 2000 x 500
    Tablet: 1024 x 360
    Phone: 640 x 360

    9- Social Links

    The Social Media tab enables the shop owner to add social media links to their shop listings. The links allow customers to interact via social media.

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      Add products to the shop.

      The processes for adding products to your shop vary with the type of product that is to be added.  Clothing items might include color and size variations.  Digital downloads might be ebooks, music, or video and include preview files.  Shop owners offering services upload content that will facilitate the development of a relationship with new customers.  Shops specializing in experiences will off event packages.

      The Concordia Market framework allows shop owners to create product listings one at a time or bulk, uploading products from a previous online store.  While the process has a learning curve, we are more than ready to walk with you through the process.  Our shop partners' support site includes training video, step-by-step tutorials, and support documents.