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    What is Shared Content?

    We built Concordia Market to facilitate the free sharing of ideas and resources to advance God's mission.  However, we know that opening a shop on Concordia Market may not make sense for everyone, so we have developed an alternative called Shared Content.  The Shared Content process is an online tool that includes:

    • a form in which the user verifies owners of the resource outlines directives for its inclusion in the catalog of Concordia Market, and
    • a file upload tool for submitting the resource files.

    Once the files are received, our editors and reviewers will use the directives included with the submission and our publication guidelines to evaluate and prepare the resource for publication. The resource will not be included without the final approval of the owner. As with the operation of Concordia Market, Concordia Square publishing does not charge for its editing service, nor will it charge users to download the resources from the store.

    Five Reasons Why

    • 1
      It is a great service to God's church.

      When you open a shop on Concordia Market, you give the larger church body access to the resources you've developed.  Your resources will add value to our user's ministry as they are used.

    • 2
      Sharing content is an easy.

      Sharing content is super easy.  Just choose the share resource option on the Concordia Marketplace website, fill out the directives form, add the media files, and submit.  We will review the submission and contact you within five days.

    • 3
      Sharing content can be anonymous.

      Sometimes, people can be very judgmental; oops, I guess I proved the point.  No one has the time or the desire to deal with anonymous emails, expressing concern over issues on which God's Word is silent.  We hope that doesn't happen, but we know that some people are hesitant to share their content because they fear criticism.  If it is the desire of the content owner, we can anonymize the material we submitted for distribution.

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      You remain in control of your content.

      The content owners retain full rights to their work.  While we cannot ask for those who have purchased or downloaded the resource to return it, we can pull the resource from the Market inventory when asked to do so by the owner.

    • 5
      Sharing resources on Concordia Market is free.

      You don't pay anything to have your resources added to Concordia Market.  Concordia Square Publishing and Concordia Market will not charge users of the Market a fee for resources provided to us from Shared content.

    What kinds of material are needed?





    Worship Series

    Sermon Series

    Liturgies/Orders of Service

    Children's Messages

    Worship Songs/Hymns



    Audio Tracks


    Presentation Slides


    Bible Studies

    Children's Ministry Resources

    Sunday School Materials

    Children's Camps

    VBS materials

    Youth Group Devotions/Bible Studies

    Adult Instruction Materials

    Junior Confirmation Material

    Small Group materials

    Outreach Programs

    Witnessing Tools

    Missional Community Ideas

    Assimilation Tools

    Servant Events

    Cross-Cultural Outreach

    Compassion Projects

    Small Group Programs

    Children's Ministries

    Youth Programs

    Office templates

    Human Resource Tools

    Governance Samples

    Leadership Training Materials

    Visitation Programs

    Employee Handbooks

    Outreach Programs

    Assimilation Tools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The owner is identified by the person who submits the resource to Concordia Square Publishing.  The owner retains rights to the resource.

    We will produce an anonymous report each year for Shared Content contributors.  We will create a report for each contributor upon request.

    We are willing to look at any resource that is submitted.  We particularly value resources that approach ministry from a mission perspective.  We cannot accept content that the contributor does not have a clear legal right to share.

    The person making the submission outlines what rights they confer to the editors through directives detailed with the submission.  We will not violate the directives.  However, if we believe a resource has value and could be improved with editing prior to publication, we will contact the owner for approval of the changes.  If permission is not granted, the editors will determine if the unedited resource can be added or returned to the owner.


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